Carpet Cleaning Info

This technique involves the use of truck-mounted equipment to produce high temperature water and steam, mixed with shampoo to clean carpets. The powerful vacuum of this equipment leaves the carpets damp, but not very wet. “this system is amazing, you can immediately walk on your carpets as long as your shoes are not soiled”

Correct choice of “specific treatments” by our qualified technicians improves our carpet cleaning efficiency. Mostly used treatments include….. Odor treatment (deodorizer), Mildew treatment, Urine treatment, Feces treatment Pet Soiling treatment Grease treatment Carpet steam cleaning is recommended for both commercial and residential use.

Dry Cleaning (aka Green Cleaning/Encapsulation)

This technique uses biodegradable polymers to encapsulate (crystallize) soil into dry residues on contact. The crystals are then extracted by dry vacuuming.

…amazingly, the encapsulation compound leaves a ‘coating’ on the carpet fiber, which protects it by reducing the fibre’s affinity for oily and particulate soils. As this brittle film“breaks away” and more soil is removed, the appearance of the fibre improves as opposed to soiling more rapidly…essentially “guards the carpet”


Based on Regular sized rooms, also charged per square foot. Variations in price may arise due to treatments applied, level of soiling and Accessibility challenges amongst other things. Regular Area = 300 sq ft.