Hard Floor Cleaning Info

Proper maintenance of a hard floor makes it easier to clean, more resistant to staining and scratching and generally lasts longer. At small G we identify the type and condition of the hard floor. We then help the customer choose a solution based on their budget and expectations. Hard floors rejuvenation or restorative cleaning may include some or all of these steps

Stripping, sanding or scrubbing

This removes the old finish and prepares the surface for the new finish


Sealants help reduce the porosity of the hardwood floors. It also boosts the quality of the final finish appearance.


A hard floor may need to be re-polished, waxed or finished. Appropriate commercial and residential grade finishers are employed


Rotary buffers are then used, if need be, to bring out the beauty of the finish, or for surfaces that need waxing, a buffer helps apply the wax uniformly to these surfaces. Buffers are also used with appropriate pads to polish marble floors

How Much does it cost ?

The cost can be enormous, but, at small G we charge linoleum and vinyl cleaning based on square footage (preferred for commercial spaces) or standard sized rooms, up-to 300 square foot. We also run promotions on continuous basis. For more information on how much it will cost, or to schedule a free on site visit for a free estimate.