Tile and Grout Info

To the naked eyes, tile and grout may not seem porous. Tile and grout are porous. The pores collect fine dirt, spilled liquids, grime and other kinds of soiling. Regular tile and grout cleaning, may involve mopping with traditional house mops. This don’t have the capacity to extract the grime and dirt deeply embedded in the pores of tile and grout. With time this leads to discolouration and loss of “shine” by the tile and grout….…do you need to replace them?…. ……..probably NOT?

Professional tile and grout cleaning by small G employs a tile tool, uses high pressure steam and very hot water….these with the strong vacuum of the truck mounted equipment, gets the tile and grout cleaned with relative ease. Commercial grade sealants are then used to seal the tile and grout. This not only makes the tile and grout less porous, but, also brings out the awesome look of tiles. Our small G tile and grout professionals rigorously pre-qualify the tiles and grout for any defects, loose grout lines and cracks amongst other things. After prequalification, small G professionals will sweep or dry vacuum the tiles and lightly mop. Appropriate detergents and treatments are then pre-sprayed before going over with tile tool. The tile tool leaves the surface dry…. a commercial grade sealant is then applied. This process restores the luster of your tile and grout.

Scope of Cleaning

Tiles are popular with restaurant kitchen floors, bathrooms and heavily trafficked areas in most commercial buildings. We are able to de-grease the restaurant floors, deodorize, remove scam from bathrooms..then create the protective layer with the commercial grade sealants.

How much does it cost?

At small G we use many factors to come up with our prices. Our charges can be based on Number of regular rooms, per square footage or based on promotions. We pay attention to the prevailing market rates and value for your money.